Visually I have always been drawn to the abstract and the study of line, shape and color. My personality type draws me to printmaking – the thought process, the order, the systematic approach. Over the years there has been a shift in what I want to create. It began by taking existing prints and making them more three dimensional by layering, folding and stitching. I then wanted to break out of the framed object and work more sculptural. I have now begun to introduce reuse materials, including them with work on paper created with different printmaking processes.

There is no hidden meaning or symbolism within my art. I wish for the viewer to find their own interpretation and expression in my work. To look at each piece and explore the movement of line, the suggestion of shape, and the mood of color.



Carrie Cox is a printmaker and mixed media artist, residing in Nashville, TN. She holds an Associate of Science degree in graphic design from Daytona Beach College and is a graduate of Stetson University where she received her BA in Fine Arts.

Growing up in an artistic family, Carrie was exposed to many crafts including woodworking, quilting and knitting, which influence her work today. She has been a member of Platetone Printmaking Paper and Book Arts since 2008.

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